The Ongoing Renewal of the Jewish People


We are participating in the renaissance of the Jewish people, and expanding the Jewish role in the 21st Century. The Leifer Family Fund works to support Jewish identity formation, to strengthen the bonds between Israel and the United States, and to create a new class of leaders and professionals in Jewish organizations.

Here are a few of the organizations we support:

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TAMID Group is where business-minded college students become the next generation of Israel-engaged leaders. LFF support helps TAMID students work with Israeli startups, and nurtures U.S.-Israeli entrepreneurial relationships.

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KAHAL creates and facilitates transformational Jewish experiences for U.S. students studying abroad. Funds from LFF support campus internships and recruitment, and help build infrastructure that grows the program.

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Moishe House offers Jews in their 20s a place to come together. LFF funds have helped open four more Moishe Houses around Boston (with plans to open four more), engage thousands of young Jewish adults, and create a partnership with CJP.

Partners In Our Work


Things we’ve written, things we’re reading, and news worth noting.

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In the Teeth of Typhoon Alley and the Ring of Fire

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Judaism is not a Religion and Israel is not a War Zone

100 years ago, our grandparents who made the trek as youngsters from Russia to America were unable to complete an elementary school education and lived most of their lives in poverty and with limited choices... read more